We are an all natural sweetener co.  Our products are crafted soly from fresh fruits, herbs, and raw sugar. We aim to make The Base the most nutritious and flavorful alternative for sugar sweeteners. Learn more and get lively with the base.


From Peeling to Bottling 

Our brewery is located in Crafted Kitchen, Downtown Art District. The Base is crafted from scratch. We peel, brew, and bottle in house. To schedule for tasting e-mail us at hello@popduplus.com 



Founders Youn and Arpapornnopparat sought out to express their unique multi-cultural identities subtly inspired by global tastes and flavors that represent the cultural character of their travels.  Supported and impassioned by their dynamic relationship, the duo created Popdup+ natural sweetener co. at the intersection of their talents. Arpapornnopparat integrates his fascination of the human experience with an artistic vision; and with the craft of an innovated maker, Youn’s flavors narrate a captivating story without speaking a word.