The_Base is a flavorful natural sweetener that build upon intermit relationship of ingredients, farmers, you and our planet.

Fresh picked fruits. Lively herbs. Sweet by nature.

How is The_Base produced?

Our Kitchen is located in Los Angeles. We peel, brew, and bottle in small batches. 

Sweet by Nature?

The Primary Flavor and Sweetness comes from fresh fruit itself. In addition Raw Cane Sugar acts as one of the key ingredients to enhance over all flavor and naturally preserves the product. 

Is it pasteurized?

Our Base undergoes over 180 degrees of  brewing process.

Do you use Honey?

We save the bees. They are going extinct and that is a big environmental problem.

Do you use Stevia?

We do not use stevia. In addition to an unpleasant aftertaste, Stevia extract tricks our body into thinking that we are receiving sugar. Glucose is cleared from the bloodstream and blood sugars drop, but no real sugar/glucose is provided to the body to compensate. When this happens, adrenaline and cortisol surge to mobilize sugar from other sources (liver, muscle glycogen, protein or body tissue) to bring blood glucose back up.


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